Envestnet Yodlee

Software Development Engineer • July 2016 — September 2017

Part of sustaining engineering team in Yodlee. Here my work is to fix bugs in existing product(Personal Finance Manager). Our stack consists of many different technologies including Node.js, SQL, Express.js, Handlebar.js, backbone.js, Java, spring and hibernate. We also developed a tool for internal usage that tracks Bugzilla productivity, using Bugzilla’s XML RPC API to fetch information about team members.


Full stack Developer • (Part time after work) Sept 2016 — March 2017

HomeYantra is E-commerce for Large Appliances built in node-MySQL-angular-express stack. Initially we were a team of three developers who built the whole platform from scratch. I was the only full stack, so all frontend work and all integrations of components such as Cart, Ordering system and user profiles were my responsibility.

VisoCon GmbH Austria

Intern • July 2015 — August 2015

Made a RESTful API for Active system components version storage in python, used Docker containers to deploy it. Made a Code Chef profile Analysis Tool [Code Chef User


National Institute of Technology Srinagar

Bachelors in Information Technology • 2012 — 2016


Movie Recommendation Engine

• March 2016 — July 2016

As part of final year project, we made a movie recommendation system from scratch in python. We used Movie Lense data set.For Recommendation algorithm we implemented User based CF , Item Based CF and Reverse CF .

Easy chat aims to be simple IRC-type-chat applications for 'anonymous chats'. Built upon Node, express, socket.io. It also uses awesomeplete and emojify for autosuggest-emojii support

Open source contributions

I have done contribution in Gnome-Maps. Maps is a map application for GNOME.

Crawl all solutions of given user then compare it with data of other users to show similarites and compare stats. Basic idea was to suggest our user what similar problems he cas solve based on current his solved problems and the profiles that he folow.

Made a random name generator , published on NPM

Crawled Semester results and made a website to display it